Manufacturers Certifications:

  • Metallic Buildings
  • MBCI
  • Metl-Span
  • Aluma-Shield
  • Centria
  • NCI Components

Trade Associations/Government Certifications:

  • MBI (Metal Building Institute)
  • ABC (Associated Builders & Contractors)
  • MBCEA (Metal Buildings Contractors & Erectors Association)

Name Brands/Products Installed/Supplied:

  • Metallic Buildings
  • NCI Components
  • MBCI
  • Metl Span
  • Butler
  • American Buildings
  • Chief
  • Centria

OSHA – Safety Certification:
Tim Allison, Projects Director and Safety Officer for BARNES Buildings is certified in the Instructor Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Construction Industry. This required the completion of an intensive week-long course at Keene State College in Manchester, New Hampshire. Successful completion of this course enables Tim to:

  • Comprehend the OSHA act, 29 CFR 1926
  • Identify common causes of accidents and fatalities in hazardous areas of construction
  • Understand basic instructional approaches and the use of visual aids and handouts
  • Identify abatement techniques for hazards found in construction
  • Be able to present effective 10 and 30 hour training programs using OSHA construction regulations and guidelines

MBCI Single Source 20 year Roof Warranty Certification:
BARNES buildings is pleased to announce that we have attained MBCI Single Source 20 Year Roof Warranty Certification. The fact that we are a “certified installer” of MBCI components lets you know that the job will be done right, and that the manufacturer will be an active partner throughout the process:

  • To ensure the roof is properly detailed before installation begins
  • To ensure the roof is properly installed before the warranty is issued
  • To ensure the building owner is satisfied with his MBCI roof
  • To accomplish this goal MBCI is proud to offer its Single Source Weather-Tightness Warranty program. Single Source warranties put the burden of proper installation of the roof system squarely on the shoulders of MBCI from the date of substantial completion. In the remote chance that a claim is ever filed against a Single Source warranty, the building owner makes one call – to MBCI.

We at BARNES buildings are proud of our MBCI certification for the installation of Ultra-Dek and Double-Lok components. The certification is a natural extension of the exemplary level of service that we already offer, and we are certain that it will only enhance our ability to serve you. Please contact us for more information.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Licensed Sheet Metal Business

MA Licensed Sheet Metal Business

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